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Dry powder mixer machine installation steps

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-04-24 15:57

Dry powder mixer machine is widely used in various industries production process.Well,this article is mainly about the steps of dry powder mixer machine.
1. Firstly, the dry powder mixer is placed smoothly, the machine foot is installed, and the bottom is padded to make the machine run smoothly.
2. Fuel the refueling area before use, and then carry out no-load operation, check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the electrical and mechanical operation is normal, if abnormal, carry out repair and debugging.
3. Turn the feeding inlet to the top, open the feeding cover for feeding, and the feeding volume should not exceed the prescribed volume. Then close the feeding cover and start the machine to run. If abnormalities are found in the way, the machine must stop for inspection.
In the course of the use of dry powder mixer machine, the following three points should be noted:
1.Bearing lubricating oil should be replaced regularly in acne;
2.Bearing block temperature shall not exceed 35 degrees;
3.Shall not dismantle the electrical and leather belt shield.

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