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Workflow of the dolomite Raymond mill machine

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-03-01 16:04

Dolomite is the main constituent mineral of dolomite. It is white and gray according to the purity. It is accompanied by a certain glass luster. After being processed, it can be widely used in building materials, chemical industry, environmental protection, energy saving, medicine, construction, In the fields of decoration and agriculture, it has extremely important industrial value.
Dolomite Raymond Mill is a high-quality mill designed for the characteristics of dolomite. It has the characteristics of small size, good quality, low price, high efficiency and environmental protection. It has become the most favored equipment in the dolomite processing plant. Describe in detail the workflow of the dolomite Raymond mill following.
The dolomite to be ground is crushed by a crusher and sent to a storage hopper through a hoist, and the adjustable speed feeder is transported from the hopper to the main cavity through the inlet of the hood. Driven by the transmission, the central shaft drives the plum blossom frame assembly, the grinding roller assembly, the blade holder and the blade holder assembly to rotate together, and the grinding roller assembly is mounted on the plum blossom frame, and the rotation generates a huge centrifugal force for grinding. The roller and the grinding ring are closely attached together, and the material is continuously shoveled to the grinding ring and the grinding roller under the action of the blade seat assembly, and the grinding ring and the grinding roller continuously feed the material under the action of centrifugal force in the relative rotating motion. Rolling, squeezing, and impacting. The material is pulverized and refined. The pulverized powder is raised to the classification area by the air flow, and the gas and the powder are separated by the turbine classifier, and the qualified powder separated by the turbine classifier is sent to the double cyclone through the pipeline. Unqualified powder is returned to the main machine and crushed again until it is qualified.
During the working process of the main machine, the central shaft is rotated by the rotating device, the upper end of the shaft is connected with the plum blossom frame, the lower end of the plum blossom frame is equipped with a blade, and the blade is located at the lower end of the grinding stick, the blade plays an important role, and the blade rotates with the grinding stick. During the process, the material is shoveled and fed between the roller rings to form a pad layer, and the layer is rotated by the grinding roller to generate an outward pressing force to crush the material, thereby achieving the powdering purpose.

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