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Low output factors of jaw crusher and Solutions

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-09-23 15:10

Jaw crusher is a common stone crushing machine used in crushers. The function of jaw crusher is to crush all kinds of large ore materials into stones needed for construction, with high crushing strength. In the production process, if the production of jaw crusher is low, how to solve it?
First of all, we need to understand what causes low yields.
First of all, the hardness or toughness of crushed materials exceeds the bearing range of jaw crusher;
Secondly, the position of motor wiring is reversed;
Thirdly, the discharge material of jaw crusher is too small or the jaw plate has shifted, and the tooth top is opposite to the tooth top. In the latter case, the voltage on the working site is too low or the clearance between moving jaw and bearing is too large, which leads to the decline of jaw crusher output.
So, how to solve it?
If the crusher is damaged and needs to be replaced and there are too many materials, it is suggested to add a secondary crusher. If the motor wiring position is opposite, the motor wiring should be replaced in time. If the discharge material is too small, it is necessary to adjust or add a fine crusher. If the jaw plate is displaced, it is necessary to check the tooth pitch size of the tooth plate. If the jaw plate does not meet the standard, it is necessary to replace the jaw plate, and adjust the relative position of the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate to ensure that After the top of the tooth is against the root of the tooth, it is fixed and pressed to prevent displacement. When the voltage is low, it is necessary to adjust the working site voltage to meet the heavy load requirements of the host. The clearance between the moving jaw and the bearing is too large, so it is necessary to replace the bearing or moving jaw.
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