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How to ensure the safety of jaw crusher

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-09-09 14:08

1.Before using jaw crusher, it is necessary to check whether there are foreign matters in the crushing chamber. When there are some foreign matters, they should be cleaned up in time before starting the machine. Otherwise, the motor will be damaged due to excessive load when starting.
2.Jaw crusher is most afraid of uneven feeding in the process of feeding, especially when the feeding amount suddenly increases, it will burn out the motor due to excessive load. Even if the motor is not burnt out, long-term high load operation will increase the wear of the machine and reduce the service life of the machine.
3.When it is necessary to stop production, stop feeding first, and then stop the operation of jaw crusher. Because if the machine is stopped first, there will be a large amount of raw ore materials in the machine, which will damage the machine parts, and at the same time, the machine will be overloaded when it is started again.
4.When the jaw crusher is used for production, it is necessary to find out whether the machine has abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions. Find out the cause and repair it in time. Don't let the machine work with disease.
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