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How to prevent the production decline of vertical roller mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-03-04 16:37

Vertical roller mill as a special grinding machine, can be seen everywhere in the major grinding industry. If the output of vertical roller mill declines when it works. This kind of problem can start from these two aspects, the reason of the equipment itself and the artificial operation. The following is how to prevent the decline of the mill output from being explained by the professional manufacturer.
1. Considering the equipment itself, Raymond grinding belongs to industrial grinding equipment. Long-term work will cause certain wear and tear to the parts of the equipment, such as grinding rollers, grinding rings, spade blades, which are easy to wear and tear. They need to be maintained or replaced regularly. If they are not replaced in time, the output of Raymond grinding will decrease. In addition to vulnerable parts, other parts should also be regularly tested, such as the fixed condition of the main engine, whether there is air leakage in the pipeline, whether the fan is working properly, and so on. These factors may lead to the reduction of mill output, so in order to ensure the long-term stable pulverizing effect of grinding equipment, we need to pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance.
2. Considering the operation, the correct operation method of Raymond machine determines the pulverizing efficiency in a large way. For example, the control of material feeding speed, humidity and ventilation state of pipeline, etc., these daily operations directly determine the pulverizing efficiency of the mill. Therefore, in addition to regular maintenance of the equipment, to ensure the efficient pulverizing efficiency and stable production capacity of Raymond machine, daily operation is essential.
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