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The Processing Method of Vertical Roller Mill

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2020-02-24 16:05

Vertical roller mill is a kind of air separation and centrifugal roller grinding system, which is widely used in grinding hard ore and superhard ore.
Vertical roller mill can be roughly divided into three series, R-type Raymond mill, superfine Raymond mill and high pressure Raymond mill. The working principle and method are the same, but the ways of selecting powder are different. The vertical roller mill can collect powder with high fineness effectively by using pulse ultra-fine powder collection system, which will not cause too much waste.
Vertical roller mill grinding process: the grinding roll is tightly rolled on the grinding ring under centrifugal force, and the material is shoveled up by a spade and sent to the middle of the grinding roll and the grinding ring. The material is crushed into powder under the action of rolling pressure, and then the powder is blown up by the blower through the analyzer to meet the fineness requirements of the material analyzer. The regrinding chamber, which can not meet the requirements, continues to grind, and the material of the analyzer is separated and collected into the cyclone separator. 
In the grinding room, because of the certain moisture content of the grinded material, the heat generated during grinding causes the evaporation of the gas in the grinding room to change the air flow rate, and the inadequate connection of the whole machine's pipelines causes the external gas to be absorbed, which increases the air flow of the circulating air flow, resulting in less powder output or even explosion of the grinder. 
To this end, vertical roller mill has been installed on the upper part of the body. With explosion-proof measures, the accidental damage caused by the explosion of vertical roller mill can be avoided to the greatest extent. At the same time, the balance of air flow can be achieved by adjusting the residual air duct between the fan and the main engine, and the surplus gas can be introduced into the small cyclone collector, the fine powder brought in by the surplus gas can be collected, and finally by the small cyclone. The upper exhaust pipe of the collector is discharged into the atmosphere or into the dust collector to purify the exhaust air. 
However, the technical requirements for operators are relatively high, and timely detection and adjustment are needed. The processed powder can be collected by pulse collector. Some ultrafine powder can also be collected. There will not be too much dust in the air.
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