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Reasons for the low production capacity of vertical roller mills

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-12-18 16:13

The production capacity of vertical roller mills is affected by many factors. In the process of ore processing by vertical roller mills produced by different manufacturers, the production capacity is often changed due to the particle size and ease of grinding of the material. What are the influencing factors of mill capacity?
1.The sealing problem of the vertical roller mill is not done well
If the vertical roller mill has air leakage during rapid operation, it will inevitably affect the normal operation of the equipment. Because of the air leakage, the air volume in the machine body will be insufficient, which will cause the material accumulation to be taken away, which will directly affect the capacity of the vertical roller mill.
2.The particle size of the vertical roller mill is too large
If the fineness of the material put into the vertical roller mill is too large, it will increase the number of grinding times during the processing of the equipment, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which directly affects the capacity of the vertical roller mill.
3.The vertical roller mill did not get proper rest for a long time
People need rest to relieve fatigue after long hours of work, and machinery is no exception. If the vertical roller mill still fails to get the rest time after long-term operation, problems such as rapid particle size reduction and long processing time will occur. In order to ensure that the vertical roller mill can help the enterprise profit more smoothly, please also give proper rest time as a buffer after long-time operation.
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