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What are the characteristics of the vertical roller mill during its operation

Article source:admin Popularity:Dateline:2019-12-16 14:36

The vertical roller mill has the characteristics of high efficiency and space saving, so what are its characteristics during its operation?
1. The relative sliding difference between the grinding wheel and the grinding roller of the vertical roller mill is small, the Tremella allows the grinding stone to rotate faster, and the working pressure of the grinding roller is higher. Therefore, compared with other types of grinding rollers under the same specifications, the output is higher High power saving.
2. It can dry, grind and select materials at the same time, with simple process and low noise.
3. It is an English air-swept type and some materials external circulation system, the latter can greatly reduce the ventilation power consumption of the system.
4. The ventilation ring gap in the mill can be flexibly adjusted according to the distribution of the material on the disk surface to reduce the ventilation resistance and reduce the power consumption.
5. For the four-roll vertical roller mill, the rollers can be pressurized separately or simultaneously with the four rollers to meet the needs of the material bed. If the rollers are pressurized separately, different operating pressures can be selected to make the work work. A pair of grinding rollers with a lower pressure have the dual functions of preparing the material bed and grinding powder, which plays an important role in maintaining the stability of the material bed when the roller grinding grinds the more difficult-to-grind materials at a higher working pressure. During the operation, the working pressure can be set according to the operation of the grinding roller. The rigidity of the hydraulic pressurization system is designed appropriately and the adjustment range is wide to meet the needs of different abrasive materials.
6. The grinding roller can be lifted and lowered automatically to realize no-load start to reduce the starting torque of the motor.
7. The roller mill can be pulled out of the casing by the roller cylinder for maintenance.
8. Built-in high-efficiency cage type powder separator with sensitive adjustment fineness and strong adaptability to load. The efficiency of powder selection can reach more than 90%.
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